Frequently asked questions

You, the trainer sets your own rate! It's important to remain competitive, but don't sell yourself short either.
Unfortunatley, no. The user/client has the ability to use filters to narrow down their Trainer search. You have the ability to deny a session for any reason within 3 minutes of the request being sent to you, which is why it is important to stay by your phone when you are available. The only exception to this is while you are training. If a requerst comes in while you are training, the client will be notified that you are working and that you will respond after the session. Please keep in mind that regular denying clients can have a negative effect on your rating, ranking and ability to get future clients.
We screen our trainers through a number of databases including:
  • County Criminal Search
  • Fraud Trace
  • Sex Offender Search
  • Global Watchlist
  • National Criminal Database Search
Please refer to your county's local ordinances and laws. If the law does not specify, please wear a mask and observe distancing. We understand this can make instruction challenging, but safety is our priority.
We charge a 10% commission. You get to keep the remaining 90%!